After matriculating and completing my training as a Technical Biology Assistant, I discovered the exciting and stimulating world of photography! This decided me to embark on a second career path and on 01/04/1990, I started a career as an Independent Photographic Journalist and as a freelancer Photographer.

1990 to 1994

Training and collaboration with the Europress Photographic Agency, specialising in Press Photography for Local Daily Press and Vineculture Industries.

1994 to 2007

Freelancing for different Photographic Agencies the highlights of which were Press Photgraphy for Local Daily Newspapers and over and above that, an increasing amount of concentration on the theme "People at Work" in communication for small to medium enterprises, hospitals, welfare organisations banks and industries.

from 2004 onwards

The focal point of my working career has been reporting and communication, especially for large Industrial Enterprises.

..., and again and again for the people...

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